Our “Keep” platform is a comprehensive and efficient solution for the creation, planning, and tracking of QR codes. It is dedicated for professional use, which sets it apart from consumer-oriented platforms. Advanced features, such as graphic and content customization, dynamic QR codes, and augmented reality, enable professionals to enhance their content, improve their customer experience, save time, and boost productivity.

Graphic customization

Thanks to our patents, our platform allows for the graphical customization of QR codes onto any type of background image, whether on printed or digital media.

This enables you to use images of your choice as the background for your QR codes, allowing for a more seamless integration into your documents or visual communications. The graphical customization of QR codes on our platform offers creative possibilities for even the most demanding professionals, helping you enhance brand recognition by creating more appealing QR codes for your clients.

Consequently, you can generate a QR code directly on the colorful pages of a catalog (“QR chic”) or within a video showcasing a product or service (“QR video”). This feature empowers meticulous graphic designers to edit QR codes in high resolution (up to 8K) and ensures that all types of graphically customized QR codes are 100% scannable by existing scanning applications.

Furthermore, the platform will guide you step by step through the degradation of your QR code graphical customization.

Time and productivity savings

Edit and generate your graphically customized QR codes on various pages of a document (catalog, brochure, etc.) in PDF format without using third-party software and without needing to download and import QR codes.
This saves time and boosts productivity for professionals who edit documents with numerous QR codes.
It enables you to work more efficiently and save precious time.

Augmented reality

“Keep” also allows for the automated creation and generation of personalized QR codes for augmented reality experiences directly on the web (which doesn’t require any mobile application). This means that professionals can create QR codes that trigger augmented reality experiences for customers who scan them. For instance, by scanning a QR code on a physical product or a web page, the customer could see a 3D representation of the product in the environment of their choice. The platform also manages the handling of 3D assets, making it easy for professionals to set up these augmented reality experiences. QR codes for augmented reality provide an immersive experience for customers and can help enhance customer engagement with products and brands.

Tracking & Analytics

Follow QR codes scans in real-time, with precise information about where the QR codes have been scanned, on which medium, at what time, etc. This data can be exported to CRM, DMP, CMP solutions for more accurate tracking of campaign performance.

Integration with business workflows

“Keep” can be easily integrated with existing business solutions and workflows through its available APIs and bridges, making it easier to set up marketing campaigns based on QR codes.

Asset management

The platform integrates a Digital Asset Management (DAM) module specifically designed for QR code usage. This way, manage all high-resolution printed and digital media and content (PDFs, images, 3D, videos, etc.) used in QR code-based marketing campaigns.


Dynamic QR codes

“Keep” allows you to create dynamic QR codes that can be edited online at any time, even after they have been printed. You can modify them at any time by simply changing the destination URL, thus avoiding invalid QR codes for already active and published campaigns. This is very useful when you have printed QR codes (on your packaging, catalogs, etc.) and want to change their content. Enjoy the benefits of our dynamic QR codes to display contextualized and personalized content to each of your customers. Additionally, you can track and segment scans of the dynamic QR codes.


Create animated “loaders” quickly and easily on the platform for contextualized communication. Loaders are animated loading pages that appear a few seconds after scanning a QR code and before landing on the destination web page.